What ATM and DRIVE-UP manufacturers does Rocky Mountain Parts offer?

Rocky Mountain Parts offers ATM parts for NCR, Diebold, Triton, Hyosung and Wincor manufacturers. Rocky Mountain Parts offers Drive-Up parts for Mosler, Lefebure, Diebold, Fortis, E.F. Bavis, Eagle Pneumatic, ComCo , American Vault and Hamilton manufacturers.

What products and services does Rocky Mountain Parts offer?

Rocky Mountain Parts offers the following parts and services:
  • Anti-Skimming Products
  • ATM Machines
  • ATM Anti-Skimming Devices
  • ATM Building and Surrounds, including: ATM Canopies, ATM Facelifts, ATM Kiosks, ATM Toppers, ATM Vestibules and ATM Wraps
  • ATM Consumables
  • ATM Parts
  • Cash Dispensers/Cash Recyclers
  • Compliance Solutions, including: ADA, PCI, EMV and Windows
  • Currency Counting Equipment
  • Depot Repair Services
  • Drive Up Parts Repair
  • ATM Parts Repair
  • Electronic Security Equipment, including: Audio Systems, Cameras and Keypads/Pinpads
  • LCD Displays
  • Locks, including: Safe Deposit Locks, Mechanical Safe Locks, Timelocks, Combination Locks and Specialty Locks
  • Physical Security Equipment, including: After Hours Depository, Customer Lockers, Key Locks, Lockers, Safe Deposit Bond Box, Safes, Safe Deposit Boxes, Time-Locks and TR/TL Rated Safes
  • Used/Refurbished Equipment
  • Vault Door Stops
  • Vaults
  • Pneumatic Tube Systems/Drive Up, including: Audio Systems, Carriers, Clearance Barriers, Deal Drawers, Drive-Up Guard Posts Sleeves, Drive Up Sensors – Trips, Drive Up TV Systems, Drive Up/Walk Up Camera Housing and Drive Up/Walk Up Forms Dispenser, Drive Up/Walk Up Signals/Lane Lights and Video Systems
  • Undercounter Steel Equipment, including: Cash Drawers/Trays and Teller Lockers

  • Does Rocky Mountain Parts sell new ATMs?

    Yes! Rocky Mountain Parts does sell new and reconditioned ATM machines. These new machines can include NCR, Diebold, Triton, and Hyosung.

    Does Rocky Mountain Parts sell used ATMs and DRIVE-UP Equipment?

    Yes! Rocky Mountain Parts does sell used and reconditioned ATM machines. These machines can include NCR, Diebold, Triton, and Hyosung. Rocky Mountain Parts does sell used and reconditioned drive up equipment. These models can include the Diebold, SSE, Fortis, Hamilton, ComCo, American Vault, Bavis, and Eagle Pneumatics.

    What brands of ATMs and Drive-Up Models does Rocky Mountain Parts sell?

    Rocky Mountain Parts sells NCR, Diebold, Triton, and Hyosung ATMs. Rocky Mountain Parts sells Mosler, Lefebure, Diebold, Fortis, Bavis, ComCo, American Vault, and Eagle Pneumatic drive-up lanes.

    Where does Rocky Mountain Parts provide ATM sales?

    Rocky Mountain Parts sells ATM’s across all of the United States.

    What is included with the ATM and DRIVE-UP refresh service?

    ATM Refresh Service includes refurbishing your ATM while on site, however not replacing the entire unit. It is a way to bring a fresh, new face to a an older unit that has become beaten up by weather, usage and time. It would include provide a fresh, newly painted fascia, replacing keypads, and monitor if necessary. We can also install graphic wraps during a refresh service. DRIVE Up Refresh service includes providing a fresh fascia with new fascia components to the drive-up lane, including the control panel, clear doors, and any other worn out items.

    How does the ATM/DRIVE-UP Equipment Buyback Program work?

    Financial Institutions can contact us directly to help them unload unwanted or no longer needed equipment. We will review the equipment available, and provide the financial institution with a price for that equipment. We will also help with de-installation and removal of the equipment from their site, as well as arranging the transportation of the equipment to RMP.

    Does Rocky Mountain Parts offer a warranty on refurbished ATM and DRIVE-UP Parts?

    Yes, we do offer a 90-day warranty on all parts sold, either new or refurbished parts. We offer a 6-month warranty period on all repair services for ATM and Drive-Up Parts.

    Does Rocky Mountain Parts offer ATM and DRIVE-UP parts repair?

    Rocky Mountain Parts does offer repair services on all major subassemblies for the ATM machines and Drive-Up equipment, including monitors, card readers, presenters, feed modules, boards, dispensers, processor cores, and entire fascia assemblies.

    Who is the management team at Rocky Mountain Parts?

    Rocky Mountain Parts is managed by Chuck and Christen Womack.

    How many years of experience does the team at Rocky Mountain Parts have in the ATM and financial services industry?

    Chuck and Christen Womack have been in the ATM/Drive-Up Equipment business since 1989, and have a proven track record in the industry for more than 25 years. They are very involved in their trade association – Financial Security Products Association (FSPA), and Christen is a Past-President of the organization.